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We want to see your business win. We’r not just about SEO and marketing; we’re about building lasting relationships through proprietary marketing strategies that drive growth. Fill out your information below to get started.
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The best solution for your digital marketing needs

Our customers work their tails off. Between keeping the teams in the field, answering the phone, coordinating schedules & supplies, there is not a lot of time for much marketing besides word of mouth and the occasional request for a review.

Hang-Ten was created to enable local businesses to thrive by winning the digital marketing battle.

What Makes Hang-Ten Different?

Data-Driven Strategies

We don't guess, we analyze. We use custom designed system that allow us to create custom strategies for each market. This plan is designed to help maximize the return for every dollar spent, with no wasted times or guesswork.

6 Years in the Industry

Seasoned in success. With 6 years serving home service companies under our belt, we've learned how to become great partners to customers with busy schedules and lives. That’s why we do little things like record anything complex in a personalized video you can watch on your own time, write up as much as we can, and keep our meetings brief and to the point.

Transparent Communication

No hidden agendas. We keep you in the loop every step of the way – honesty is our policy and most of our clients are able to text us with questions or ideas as they come up.

Fast Turnaround Times

Time matters. We don't just meet deadlines; we beat them without compromising quality.

Personable, Boutique Service

Big results, personalized touch. Experience boutique-level service with a team that cares about your success.


Years in the industry

Results That Count

We go beyond clicks. Our focus is on results that impact your bottom line – because we know that our relationships continues based on the impact we make at your company.

Websites You Love

Crafting digital experiences that leave an impression. Your website will not just be seen; it'll be loved. We always make the fastest, most responsive websites in the area (something that Google LOVES)

Ready to work with a marketing team that’s as hungry as you are? Let’s start working together.

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Who We Are

Hang-Ten Marketing was founded by our labrador-esque, surfing-inspired leader, Alec Neumeyer. Alec spent years doing odd jobs around the world, excelling by creating systems to help his work. In Alaska he worked as a fisherman and had a system that allowed him to net and re-bait his fishing customers in under 30 seconds, rain or shine. After returning to the US and starting a family, Alec worked in Tech for 6 years helping blue collar companies confront and implement technology into their businesses. Hang-Ten Marketing was created to continue that tradition, assisting small to medium size companies expand their revenue by growing their footprint online. The ethos of system creation for success continues to this day – Hang-Ten is unique poised in the market to over deliver and over execute against marketing firms the same size. We take great pleasure in giving our customers an incredible experience and intend to ride that strategy beyond the moon.

Our Services

There’s a lot of factors that impact your rankings and having a cohesive strategy to increase those rankings is an important part of earning links online. SEO is a core service for Hang-Ten Marketing and something we take a lot of pride in.

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Fast, technical websites

We build incredible websites from scratch that Google loves. Custom design, technically sound, and exactly what you need to start ranking fast on any device.

Free Website Analysis

Our goal is to over exchange whether you are a customer or not. For anyone interested in seeing how they stand in their local market or some basic steps you can follow to help improve your own rankings, submit your information below for a free, personalized video of your site and Google Business Profile.


We help websites get seen in the right way at the right time. SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization.’ This essential service means that we create content and links that give Google’s algorithm the confidence to send the right traffic towards your site.

Google Maps Profile Ranking

Many customers find that 60-70% of their internet leads come from Google Maps. Getting yourself into the top 3 is extremely important for winning your local market. We know what makes maps profiles tick, optimizing them, and helping them move to the top of the rankings.


Reputation Management

Reviews matter. If you can’t get customers to write about how great you are it will directly impact the amount of money you make each year. Social proof matters which is why we have several systems that make collecting reviews a simple task. Get credit where it counts!

Our Social Proof

Ready to light up the map? Let's make it happen! Check out this heatmap near Charleston.

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What makes our strategies unique:

A system that isn’t cookie cutter

Where other firms offer cookie cutter packages, we create tailor-made plans that allocate energy exactly where its needed. Whether you have a small budget or a large one, our team always does what will get you the highest benefit over the longest term.

Results, Results, Results

We are results-oriented. You choose the statistic you want to rise and we will sprint for it with you.

Transparent communication

We don't hide behind big words, complicated concepts, or any dispersed sense of accomplishment. We will always show you what we are doing and not just tell you it's happening.

Cutting edge techniques

We are experts on the cutting edge of the SEO field. Customers enjoy the fruits of hundreds of hours of study and experimentation so that their sites are ranking, stable, and revenue-generating.

There is no guess work

We have built systems on top of systems to make sure that what we promise is what we deliver. When you work with us you are hiring a system to deliver results, without any fumbling or hesitation.

Don't believe us?

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